Terms and Conditions

We ship out brownies from our home kitchen in Finsbury Park. We are sure you’ll be completely satisfied, but if you aren’t, write to us, and we’ll figure out how to make things right.

We guarantee we’ll only use the ingredients we say we use. With that said, we cannot guarantee that the brownies will be free from allergens, and those with specific food intolerances and serious allergies should not order from us.

At present, we only ship within London and we only deliver on weekends. We will only accept your order on this basis, and will refund all other orders. We will give you an ETA for your delivery soon after you order, and notify you when your order is en route.

We ship by courier. If you are not present to accept the delivery, we will leave it in your designated safe place. If you are not present and there is no designated safe place, we may be unable to deliver. Please let us know before we ship out to you if you know you won’t be around.