Please read our FAQs before contacting us as they answer frequently asked questions.

Orders & shipping

How soon will my order arrive? / Where is my order? / When will my order arrive?

We only bake and ship brownies once a month, the shipping date is displayed on the “buy brownies” page and is updated regularly. Please get in touch with us if your brownies don’t arrive by the date in your order email.

Where is your store?

We do not have a store, we are an online only business. You can place your orders online.

Can you ship to my country?

We currently only ship to the UK and do not cover any countries outside the UK.

Can I pick up today?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate last minute orders. We bake and ship once a week, you can place your order on the “buy brownies” page. 

Do you have a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value.

Can I pick up box of 7 bites?

We offer deliveries only for our box of 7 brownie bites. We have a certain system in place for packaging and shipping, so we are unable to accommodate pick up requests for 7 brownie bites packs.

Can I get the 12 brownie box delivered?

We offer pick ups only for our box of 12 brownies. We are unable to ship this via post due to the large amount of product. We have tried this in the past and it has resulted in damaged product. To maintain our brand, we want to ensure that our brownies reach you in the best condition so we are unable to accommodate delivery requests for box of 12 brownies.

How are London Keto Brownies delivered?

London Keto Brownies are shipped via Royal Mail once a month.

About London Keto Brownies & ingredients

Can I freeze London Keto Brownies?

Yes absolutely! We only deliver freshly baked brownies so they can be frozen upon receipt for up to 3 months.

How long do London Keto Brownies last?

We bake brownies fresh on the day of dispatch so they’re really fresh when they arrive. London Keto Brownies last in the fridge for 1.5 weeks. Although, if you’re anything like us, they won’t last that long in the fridge as you’ll have eaten them all already! 😉

What ingredients are in London Keto Brownies?

Full ingredient list can be found here.

How many carbs per brownie?

Complete nutritional information for Box of 7 can be found here and for Box of 12 can be found here.

Can I have your recipe?

We have worked very hard to come up with the London Keto Brownies recipe. Unfortunately, we are unable to share it but we would love to bake for you so please place an order and we will get on it right away!

Brand & blogger promotions

Would you like to offer us complimentary brownies to promote your brand?

We are a very small home-based business run by two avid keto lovers who have full time non-baking careers. Due to this, we are unable to accommodate any requests that involve us paying for promotion or offering free brownies in exchange for promotion. We are, however, happy to discuss paid catering for large events. If you’d like to discuss this, please get in touch with us.