london keto brownies

London keto brownies, the first of its kind in London, was born out of the need for delicious, home baked keto desserts (which also double up as fat bombs!!), that you can easily order online to be delivered to your doorstep, so you can continue your healthy lifestyle in an increasingly delicious, enjoyable and sustainable way.

Our brownies can be ordered from our home based kitchen in Finsbury Park in two ways:

BONUS: Each brownie is SUPER LOW CARB!

Following the Keto WOE* can be a very rewarding experience – both for your physical and your emotional well being. However, not everyone following the lifestyle has the time to stock up on endless baking supplies or spend a lot of time each week baking keto desserts or preparing fat bombs.

So go on, click the order button – you know you want to 😉

*We view keto as a lifestyle, so instead of using the term Ketogenic Diet, we prefer to use Ketogenic Way of Eating (Keto WOE).

Allergens: Contains eggs, almonds. Due to trace elements found in several of our organic ingredients, these products may also contain traces of cereals containing gluten, milk, peanuts, sesame, and soybeans.